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The Top 14 URL Shorteners To Shorten Long Page URLs 11049922


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You can upload video from your phone, your computer, or post directly from your webcam, which is perfect for video blogging. Both sites also have an embedding feature you can use to post your video tweets on your blog or social network. Share Your Photos: If you haven't already used TwitPic, it makes photo sharing so simple! You don't even need to sign up- if you have a Twitter account, your login information works at TwitPic also. When you login you'll see your profile information, your username and the icon you use for Twitter. Click on "Upload Photo" and you have the option of posting your photos directly after they upload! You can upload through the site, your phone, or their API. Share Your Files: FileTwt is another new site that allows you to upload documents and files to share on Twitter. The site has a 20 MB size limit (which may be changed in future versions) and gives you the choice of sending a public or private tweet. Share Your Music: An impressive application, there are music sharing sites for micro-bloggers. However, once you've done that, the interface is simple-to-use, no downloading required: Type in the name of the artist and song you'd like to post. The application hunts the web for a stream of your song, and when you click the preview button, you can hear the music and opt whether or not you'd like to Tweet. There is so much possibility, and new tools being launched every week.
And when someone clicks your links, you will be paid for each click. You can use your Tweetbucks account to keep track of your earnings and even can track how many clicks you generated for a URL you twitted. 3. Payment system: Tweetbucks gives us $5 as a gift (Sign up Bonus) when we first create our account with them. But we need to earn another $20 to get our first payment from them as their minimum payout is $25. And they send all payments monthly via Paypal only. 4. Tweetbucks bookmarklet tool: Tweetbucks offers a "bookmarklet" tool that you can use to URL shortening process faster. To use this tool, you have to just drag and drop it from Tweetbucks right sidebar in your toolbar section. Once you have placed bookmarklet tool in toolbar, URL shortening is just one click away from you which you can use in your tweets on Twitter. And don't forget to include a custom frame below the shortened URL which will place banner ad on the page you are sending. Currently Ad frame is paying $1 to $2 per thousand impressions. 5. Affiliate channels: You can even use their services to make money with affiliate websites. Suppose you are recommending a seo book to someone, you can search that book on Amazon or any affiliate website you use and shorten link to that seo book using Tweetbucks URL shortening service. With this you will be paid on click basis and will also get some percentage of the sale value. 6. Referral program: We can earn some money with them by referring new members to their network. We will be getting 10 percent of total revenue generated by the members we sent to their network for six months from the day of their approval as Tweetbucks member.

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Some-times long back links will be retained to disclose precisely the individuality and significance of this sender or your website. Even though prolonged URLs assistance is revealing that the material of this destination website, nevertheless their drawn-out real estate helps make them more difficult to have been shared. URL shorteners creates those long back links manageable and it is easy to talk about them on internet mails along with societal networking programs. 2. Tracking And compiling simply click data makes less difficult: Statistics will be your Maximum Individuality now so much as online-business is applicable. They are statistics of traffic, clients or customers who reveals interest in your goods or support. The moment you find it possible to monitor and collect data effortlessly, you obtain computerized boost within your company. URL Shortener assists within this specific particular feature. Many internet stage stipulates this provider and you also may reestablish your computer data via categorising them along with this specific shorten links you've got used. These statistics can help to monitor your origin, geographical genre and link of this guest from one's connection.

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