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Where to Find Franklin in Animal Crossing?


The game is constantly receiving bulky updates during the year to celebrate various holidays. Franklin, a reoccurring character from the Animal Crossing series, is just about to return to New Horizons. This might help you find ACNH Nook Miles Tickets and explain what Franklin does.

For each seasonal event, a brand new character will appear on the player's island. When the Easter event occurred in early April, the player was heading to Zipper T. Bunny, a bunny character who might hide eggs throughout the island for players to discover. To celebrate the Summer Solstice, you need to be exposed to sunlight on the longest day of the year. Now, Franklin is likely to resolve the problems on this island to celebrate a potential event in November. Players can find him and what he did here.

Franklin has announced show up in late November to be a free update. This is to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday as Franklin can be a turkey chef. You can Buy ACNH Bells and bells for this update. He will appear in the city after the update can be obtained. In previous entries with the series, Franklin would task players with helping him cook for the Harvest Festival. The player might need to collect ingredients for Franklin so he'll finish his dishes.

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